About Fairy Floss Machines

FAIRY FLOSS MACHINES for people who want to do high production floss at events or prepackaging

Welcome to our Fairy Floss Online shop.  We are the importers and manufactures of most of the items on our website. 

We are based in Brisbane and been doing events in the amusement and events industry since 1997 so we know exactly what you need and what makes money. 

The prices all INCLUDE delivery to metro east coast delivery areas.  All other areas send us  SMS or call to confirm freight prices to your exact regions.  0414237573 for SMS or CALL 

We will not be beaten on price and we carry exclusive machines that are good for makign money and keeping you running.

One question we ask our customers when they are making a decision on what machine to buy is do you like cash? If you do then why would you make a customer wait for a stick of floss, when using a single serve pink fairy floss machine that may take 1 to 2 minutes to make a stick of floss? When for a little more you can get a high output machine, when cranked up with do a stick every 20 seconds?

Prior to a few years ago the only machines you could buy was GOLD MEDAL machines or SMART AMUSEMENT machines (not the cheap single serve units you see online). They were great and they were fast and they were EXPENSIVE.  So what I did was take the best of all these machines and build a manufacturing plant overseas and now have slashed the price of $2500 high output machines down to a reasonable price of around $1000. 

It is now cheap enough for all to use.  So if you are a church or a school or a football club, event company or rental company then make no mistake, for better uptime and faster floss and more money try our HIGH OUTPUT MACHINES.  We sold 220 in 11 months so we are doing something right!